Welcome to Queenlaw’s official website!

Referring to the leading business consulting firms in Hanoi, many startups are not hesitant to even mention the name Queenlaw. So far, Queenlaw has become a familiar trademark in the start-up community in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Founded in 2018 with a team of people who have worked for many years in corporate legal practice, legal consultancy organizations, inherited the knowledge and experience in the process of consulting for organization and enterprises customers. Queenlaw has built a comprehensive service system to serve businesses in the establishment and throughout the operation.

Queenlaw Services emphasizes on four basic areas: business registration, accounting, taxation and licensing. These are the areas that all businesses face from the establishment, during the operation, entering the market. On a solid foundation, Queenlaw continues to expand its range of services to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the era of globalization and international integration.

With the motto of complying with the business along the way, with the desire to all businesses have the opportunity to access and use legal services, with the strength of a specialized unit ‘birth’ businesses, Queenlaw Commitment to all founding members at Queenlaw will be supported by a lifetime of support.

Queenlaw is proud to be the leading business supporter in Hanoi, Vietnam!