Accounting Services

Accountant services, chief accountant’s services, financial statements, accounting consultancy, and other accounting works defined by the Law on Accounting for enterprises including private enterprise, partnerships, LLCs, joint-stock companys and econimic groups (parent companies – subsidiaries).


Order Services General description Total fee
1 Accountant – Selecting the appropriate account system
– Making accounting records
– Making accounting books
– Periodically declaring business taxes
From ₫ 2,000,000/3 months
(Depending on the records)
2 Chief accountant – Selecting the appropriate account system
– Making accounting records
– Making accounting books
– Periodically declaring business taxes
– Signing accounting records
– Approving bank orders
From ₫ 5,000,000/3 months
(Depending on the records)
3 Financial statement – Making financial statements
– Making personal income tax finalizations
– Making corporate income tax finalizations
– Submiting financial statements and finalizations
4 Accounting consulting – Consulting on organization of accounting apparatus
– Consulting on drafting decision on appointment of accountants
– Consulting on compliance and review of Decree No. 41/2018/ND-CP
– Special consulting in the reception of inspection teams


Due to the characteristics of accounting and concurrent work in Vietnam, in addition to the work related to accounting profession, accountants often do some jobs in the field of tax, including : declare, set up, submit declarations, tax declaration dossiers, tax finalization dossiers, invoice reports, etc.

Due to the fact that Queenlaw has also integrated into accounting services some tax-related jobs such as the periodical tax declaration for businesses, creating appropriate and economical service packages. , comprehensive, hit the customer psychology especially newly established business customers, SMEs.

Package accounting services are designed to be suitable for newly established companies or small companies with little budget and want to save money for the accounting department when not having to hire a qualified accountant With a high cost to serve its accounting work, this is a perfectly suitable service.

Characteristics of accounting work of small companies

  • The company has just been established and has not developed many complicated economic operations in accounting.
  • Particularly, the nature of business should be small, even only 1 or 2 people.
  • Accounting profession hardly arises or arises very little, not complicated in accounting data.
  • The company is operating in anticipation of a project that will arise in the near future, wanting to maximize cost savings.
  • Business owners do not need to hire personnel to save costs to the maximum.
  • Companies that are in the restructuring phase have almost no economic operations but do not want to suspend business.

Requires accounting work for small companies

  • Accounting of arising economic operations in accounting books.
  • Prepare and submit reports on VAT, corporate income and financial reporting to the tax authorities.
  • Ensuring that accounting work is done in accordance with law, minimizing tax and accounting risks.
  • Provide basic accounting information needed for the board of directors to make decisions.

How is the package accounting service fee calculated?

Package accounting service fees are calculated based on the actual time and personnel needed to complete the accounting work of customers, based on business lines and accounting data generated, based on requirements. which customers set out.

The most accurate fee schedule will be sent to you quickly as soon as you contact us after surveying the unit demand situation.

The question now is are you ready to use the package accounting service?

Please contact us for your business to achieve stability in accounting work from deep understanding, applying the provisions of the law on accounting.