Business registration, accounting and tax services in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi


Welcome to Queenlaw – the leading legal brand of the startup community in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Queenlaw is a consulting firm specializing in the formation of businesses, corporations and economic groups in Hanoi and many provinces throughout the country. Queenlaw advises on business registration and provides legal services for business activities.

Queenlaw services cover basic areas that every business faces from its inception and throughout its ongoing operations. From 2019 to 2020, Queenlaw focuses on promoting the following three services::

1. Business registration services

In Thanh Xuan district, Queenlaw is launching a promotion program for start-up businesses with the most attractive cost in the market and a commitment to long-term support for customers.

As an experienced consultant, Queenlaw understands that customers are always busy people. With Queenlaw’s business registration services, you do not need to go to any registration agency but just sit at home to receive RESULTS. The following is a table of business registration service fees in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi:

(Table of fees for enterprises in Thanh Xuan, Hanoi)

Select the Package:
Package 1: Apply for customers to set up a company
Package 2: Apply for customers to set up a company and sign a contract with a seal
Package 3: Apply for customers to set up a company and sell goods and services that need to use invoices
Package 4: Apply for customers to set up a company and sell goods and services that need to use invoices, open a bank account and pay license fees for the first year

Please note::
Package 1 does not include the publication fee, so please feel free to visit the BRO to pay the fee and receive the ERC.
– The state encourages businesses to use electronic invoices. If your business needs to use paper invoices, please see the table of fees for Tax services that will be introduced below (this table also provides electronic invoicing services for customers independently).

2. Accounting services

According to the Accounting Law and Article 20 of Decree No. 174/2016/ND-CP detailing Article 49 of the Accounting Law, enterprises must open accounting books and arrange chief accountants from the date it established. In case the enterprise has not appointed the chief accountant, it will arrange a person in charge of accounting with a maximum period of 12 months or hire a service as chief accountant. Microenterprises do not have to arrange chief accountants.

So there are three accounting plans for new businesses:
a/ To appoint a chief accountant
b/ To arrange a person in charge of accounting
c/ To hire a chief accountant service

Chief accountant

In Thanh Xuan district, Queenlaw provides chief accountant services for businesses of all types. With a team of enthusiastic and responsible accountants, along with experience in a wide range of businesses including tax, bills, labor and insurance, Queenlaw hopes that the service will meet the love and expectations of businesses.

For more details, please see here.

3. Tax services

According to the Law on Tax Administration, every month, every quarter and every year, enterprises have to submit their TAX DECLARATION FILES. You need to make a clear distinction between submiting a tax declaration and paying taxes, fees and charges. Tax payment may be delayed (0.03%/day) but tax declaration should be submitted on time.

The tax declaration files comprises::
– VAT declaration
– PIT declaration
– Annual tax declaration
– Annual financial statement
– There is also a report on the use of invoices if the company has issued invoices, etc.

Enterprises can submit tax declaration files online or directly at the tax office:

Address: Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Le Van Luong, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Tax advisor

Due to specific characteristics in Vietnam, the tax work in enterprises often assigns to the accounting department. However, Queenlaw often advises businesses to specialize between business departments. Accounting work is to ensure compliance while tax work is to optimize profits for businesses.

In Thanh Xuan district, Queenlaw provides optimal consulting services for key taxes in enterprises (PIT, CIT, VAT), VAT refund services and representative services to tax administration agencies.

For more details, please see here.



Queenlaw is a start-up consulting firm specializing in providing legal services to businesses before, during and after establishment with 08 services covering all operations of the enterprise. These three services, together with the service for updates and changes in the NBRD, constitute the basic service group that Queenlaw would like to introduce to you.

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