Corporate Lawyer


1. Overview

Corporate Lawyer is a Queenlaw Service designed for businesses of all types in Vietnam, including companies, corporations, economic groups and foreign-invested companies (FDIs).

The scope of the service is in the role of a legal department to remind the business to comply with the obligations prescribed by the law and to answer legal issues of the business during operation. This is not a representative service.

(Corporate Lawyer)

2. Queenlaw fees (VAT excluded):

a) For enterprises with 100% domestic capital
–  3-month package: 5.000.000 VND
–  6-month package: 6.000.000 VND
–  12-month package: 10.000.000 VND
–  24-month package: 16.000.000 VND

b) For foreign-invested enterprises
–  3-month package: 11.500.000 VND (500 USD)
–  6-month package: 13.800.000 VND (600 USD)
–  12-month package: 23.000.000 VND (1.000 USD)
–  24-month package: 36.800.000 VND (1.600 USD)

Note: With every 3 months, we assist clients in drafting one legal document.

3. Queenlaw guidelines to use the service

Being a Corporate Lawyer client you will be given a customer code (08 numbers). To ask a question, please fill out the “CUSTOMER CARE IN ACTION” (at the bottom of the page) as follows:
•  Customer name: Write your company name. For example: PHUONG ANH LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY
•  Customer code: Write your customer code. For example: 18123002
•  Email: Write your valid email address to receive the official response from Queenlaw. For example:
•  Any question: Write your question. For example: Please let me know the deadline for submitting our company’s VAT declaration for this period.

Your submission will be sent to the Queenlaw Office/Staff for processing and replying to you at the email address you provided. The time limit for reply is within 10 working days (depending on the complexity of the question and the time allocation of our lawyers). At the same time, Queenlaw may contact you directly with questions that need to be answered early for the business.

Contact information:

Hotline: (84) 915 135 366

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