Enterprise Registration Services


In Vietnam, enterprise means an organization that has its own name, assets and a transaction office, and has been registered for establishment in accordance with law for the purpose of conducting business operations (Clause 1, Article 23 of Law No. 68/2014/QH13 on Enterprises).

Enterprise including private enterprises and companies. Private enterprises has no legal entity status, the owners liable with all his/her assets and must not concurrently be a business household owner or a partner in a partnership. Companies has the legal entity status and independence in civil transaction relations with a limited liability.

In addition, you often hear about corporations and economic groups. In fact, it is not an enterprise, does not have legal entity status and is not required to register its establishment in accordance with the law. It is formed by a group of companies having relations through ownership of shares, capital contributions or other linkages.

So we have five types of enterprise. Enterprise establishment includes new establishment and establishment on the basis of division, separation, consolidation or transformation (from other types of enterprises or business households).

Here’s Queenlaw Fees for Enterprise Registration Services (Excluding procedures for granting an IRC to a Foreign-Invested Enterprise):

Queenlaw service included Package Time¹ Package fee²³
1. ER advice

2. ER dossier

3. ER procedure

4. State fees

5. ER certificate (ERC)

6. Seal

7. Seal specimen on NBRP

8. Customer care policies

Package A 20 business days ₫ 1.000.000
Package B 15 business days ₫ 1.500.000
Package C 10 business days ₫ 2.000.000
Package D 06 business days ₫ 3.000.000
Package E 03 business days Contact us
Package F 01 business days Contact us

(Queenlaw Fees for Enterprise Registration Services)

¹ To inform the Enterprise Identification Number (MSDN).
² Excluding inter-provincial travel expenses (if any).
³ This fee includes part not subject to tax, part with VAT and part without VAT.

For the formation of an economic group or corporation (collectively referred to as a group of companies), Queenlaw is fully able to consult through capital ownership adjustments or amend the organization charter to establish company group relations. including parent companies, subsidiaries and other member companies.

Please note: Sometimes you come across a name such as “ABC GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY”, in fact it is not a group but just a joint stock company with “GROUP ABC ” is its proper name. A group is not made up of a company only with the word GROUP included in its name. 😉

Please do not hesitate to contact Queenlaw for advice on establishing a company and forming an economic group!

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