Foreign Investment in Vietnam & Offshore Investment from Vietnam


Foreign investor shall make business investment in Vietnam in the following forms:

1/ Investment in establishment of economic organizations
2/ Investment in the form of contribution of capital to, or purchase of shares or capital contributions at, economic organizations
3/ Investment in the form of PPP contract
4/ Investment in the form of BCC


Investor from Vietnam shall make offshore business investment in the following forms:

1/ Establishing economic organizations in accordance with the laws of host countries
2/ Performing BCCs overseas
3/ Purchasing part or the whole of the charter capital of overseas economic organizations
4/ Purchasing and selling securities and other valuable papers or making investment via overseas securities investment funds
5/ Other forms in accordance with the laws of host countries

Queenlaw Service covers all areas of international investment and focuses on establishing new economic organizations in the host country, such as establishing a Korean-invested company in Vietnam or implementing Vietnamese investor’s project to Spain.

Please do not hesitate to contact Queenlaw for advice and support.

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