Preventive Measures

Advice on legal risk prevention for enterprises with comprehensive preventive measures for possible administrative violations.


Preventive Measures is an Exclusive Queenlaw Service to protect SMEs against legal risks and to prevent SMEs from being penalized for administrative violations by a competent authority and at the same time facilitating mutual understanding in the relationship between enterprises and the state.

Preventive Measures considers facilitating mutual understanding between the parties as a politically informal social etiquette based on a solid internal strength before relevant government agencies. And to do so, the service takes the following 3+1 steps:

Ord. Service 1 Service 2 Control ratio
1 Compliance check:

– Comprehensive scanning of corporate compliance

– Warning of administrative violations (if any)

Compliance check:

– Comprehensive scanning of corporate compliance

– Warning of administrative violations (if any)

2 Security measures:

– Building firewalls to prevent all risks of administrative violations may occur

– Handling administrative violations being warned

Risk transfer 30%
3 Strengthening measures:

– Following the changes of relevant legal documents

– Adjusting the compliance of the corporate to the new regulations

4 Diplomatic measures:

– On behalf of the corporate in answering questions to the competent authorities

– Always offer at least two behavioral options for corporates to choose from



(Service 2 will be available soon)

‘Legal risk’ is a broad term that includes risks from state authorities, risks from civil transactions, corporate internal risks and other risks. Queenlaw Service takes into account the risks that come from state authorities because it is a special subject and has the apparatus to enforce its administrative decision.

Within the legal risks that come from state management agencies in the fields, Queenlaw Service applies blocking on the most basic and close-to-business areas with enterprises, including Enterprise Law, Investment Law, accounting work, obligations of taxpayers, obligations of employers, social insurance and health insurance liability …

Promoting the tradition of Ho Chi Minh’s diplomatic background with the motto of “firm in objectives, flexible in strategies and tactics” (dĩ bất biến, ứng vạn biến), Queenlaw Service to serve the supreme interests of the business, taking real power as the foundation while understanding the benefits of the parties and together contribute to minimizing escalating conflicts and creating a momentum for the future.

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